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Q1.) We need a CCTV System but do not know anything about them, can you help?

We will talk with you to establish what you need, and will make a suggestion to ensure the best system is quoted for.

Q2.)We have an old system with a video tape recorder, would there be a lot involved to change to a digital video recorder?

We would inspect the camera connections and power supplies free of charge, then very quickly tell you if it would be a simple swap or if any upgrading is required. A quotation would then be given and you can make your mind up.

Q3.) Like most companies budgets are tight, what can you offer?

A quotation can be given for budget, middle range and high range systems to let you compare and decide how much you wish to spend.

Q4.) Will having a system installed cause a lot of mess and disruption?

No. All reasonable care care will be taken to minimise any mess or disruption.

Q5.)You offer cameras which will see in total darkness, how does this work?

The cameras have built in Infra-red lights which only switch on when light levels fall.

Q6.)Our premises have external lighting that is on all night, what type of cameras would you suggest be fitted?

In this situation Low Light Level cameras would suit, however should the external lighting fail then no image or a very poor image would be shown and recorded

Q7.)How much recording is will we have on a Digital Video Recorder hard drive?

An 8 camera system recording at 25 frames per second per camera (known as real time recording) onto a 1000GB Hard Drive will store approx 23 days of recording. Using D1 recording 6 frames per second per camera would increase storage to 92 days.

Q8.)What happens when the digital video recorder hard drive is full?

It simply overwrites the oldest recordings. However you can download any event recorded onto a DVD or memory stick for future use or evidence so it is not lost completely if the hard drive overwrites the event you have downloaded.

Q9.)When I have downloaded onto a DVD can it be played back on a normal DVD player?

No, you must use the software provided with the digital video recorder as all the data is encrypted, this is to stop any evidence being interfered with.

Q10.)Will we have to put signs up stating that CCTV is being used?

Yes, this would be included in the quotation. The data protection act for CCTV systems states that signs must be clearly displayed on premises using CCTV systems. However domestic systems are exempt from having to display signage.

Q11.)Is there anything else I should know about the Data Protection Act for CCTV Systems?

Yes, any system installed, except domestic systems, must be registered with the information Commissioners Office or you will be breaking the law. We will fill in the paperwork for your registration, we do not charge you for this service. A system must not look into the windows of houses nearby for privacy reasons.

Q12.)What warranty is given with the systems you install?

Digital video recorders have a 3 year warranty, cameras have a 2 year warranty and monitors and power supplies have a 1 year warranty.

Q13.)If we move premises can we move the system with us?

We would remove all equipment and reinstall it in your new premises, a quotation would be give to have this carried out.

Q14.)Will you service the system after installation?

Yes, we are just a phone call away. We do not issue annual service contracts as the systems are very reliable.

Q15.)Do you offer a 24 hour call out service?


Q16.)Having read the brochures and discussed the system with you how can we be sure that the system will perform the way you say it will?

A demonstration of a working system can easily be arranged. You then have the chance to 'see before you buy' this is highly recommended. We want you to be sure that you are making the right decision and do not end up regretting your purchase.